The Chalke Valley History Trust was established in May 2012 by the founders of Chalke Valley History Festival to create a charitable entity that would promote the understanding and enjoyment of history.

The founders believe passionately that it is vital for people of all ages to learn about the past in order to understand how it is has shaped our modern world and to look to the future with a knowledge of the experience of past generations and the lessons of history.

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The Trust’s subsidiary, Chalke Valley History Festivals Limited, operates the UK’s largest festival devoted to history: Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival. The festival takes place annually in the early summer in an area of outstanding natural beauty ten miles west of Salisbury. The festival offers a unique combination of literary festival and living history entertainment including talks, debates, combat re-enactments and interactive experiences such as the Trench Experience, Sword School and Archery as well as a series of air displays of historic aircraft.

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In 2013 the Trust established another subsidiary, CV Schools History Festival Limited, which operates a festival for schools. The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival for Schools provides a wide-ranging series of lectures, talks by leading historians, as well as living history displays, on relevant curricula subjects to pre-GCSE (year 10), AS Level (year 12) and primary school children.

Further details of these two festivals can be found at www.cvhf.org.uk.

The Trust solicits donations to support its objectives and welcomes applications for grants to fund projects which meet the aims of the Trust.

Our Mission

The aim of the Trust is to promote the understanding, education and enjoyment of history and related subjects to people of all ages across the UK.

The Trust intends to carry out these objectives by:

  • Funding the Chalke Valley History Festival
  • Funding the Chalke Valley History Festival for Schools
  • Funding the development of a digital programme of short presentations for schools to enhance the teaching of history
  • Funding visits to the festival, schools festival and to other history-related sites and events by schools unable to afford such visits otherwise
  • Making grants to applicants who apply for funding of projects which fulfil the aims of the Trust

Grant applications

The Trust now wishes to invite applications from interested individuals and organisations for grants from the Trust.


The Trust was awarded charitable status by the Charity Commission in August 2012 with registered charity number 1148413.

Grant applications

The Trust now wishes to invite applications from interested individuals and organisations for grants from the Trust.

Applications are invited for funding to support:

  • Under-graduate or post-graduate study of history-related subjects (including tuition fees, research costs and living expenses)
  • The teaching of history in primary (year 6) or secondary schools (including costs of visits to festivals, historical sites and battlefields)
  • Education and teaching of the general public in history-related subjects

Your application should contain:

  1. Full details of the request for grant funding and what the grant will be spent on
  2. All other sources of funds both proposed and confirmed
  3. Why the funding is required
  4. How the project will meet the aims and the objective of the Trust and the expected outcome from the grant funding
  5. Your contact details
  6. Other relevant information, including if applicable your CV

Funds are limited, and it is unlikely that the Trust will be able to provide long-term or repeat funding.
The Trust will consider applications for grants on their merits and in accordance with the grant-making policy of the Trust.

Applications are considered twice yearly, accordingly the deadlines for submission of applications are 31st March and 30th September.
Please send you applications by email to: CVHTgrantapplications@cvhf.org.uk